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Considering the purchase of an HDT to pull your fiver? read on!, this web site will tell you all about how we purchased and converted our (new to us) truck and RV hauler "White Lightning", A retired commercial 2005 Volve VNL 630 transport truck used in hauling freight through Canada and the US.

On this web site I will tell you something about ourselves and explain why we choose an HDT or 'transport truck', We'll also try to give some pointers (lessons learned) to those considering taking on a project such as this, e/o what items to consider and what to watch out for! In case you are not the "do-it your self" kind of a person you can follow the link below to at least one company who does this professionally right here in Canada!

Ready to purchase HDT

After building our bike loader & bike on the back!
We can custom build one for you!

White Lightning The truck
Flying Dutchman the trailer

I will update this site from time to time as changes and improvements take place to "White Lightning"!
We look forward to hearing from those who might have good suggestions for future improvements or those that have questions we may be able to help with, see our contact page!  Don't forget to visit our "outside finished page" which incoporates a link to our Bike loading ramp,  We manufactured this power loader right here at home and installed it on "Whitelightning" No need to get a "toy hauler" This home made loader will safely and easely load your motor cycle and your HDT will carry your bike without any worries of being overloaded!

Being admired by it's former cousins
Deerlake Irving big stop

Canso KOA

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